Usage of Beacons in Retail stores and brand:

default prediction about beacon usage in stores was attracting customers. But these tiny computers do more than this.

Following you can become more familiar with beacon usages.


  • Sending encouraging notifications before customers walk in

With the help of beacons that are installed outside of the store, we can send out notifications to people who are walking near the store. These notifications can include colorful banners and interesting offers and discounts which invites people to come in and visit inside of your store.

  • Engaging users when they are in your stores

We all know that when people decide to visit inside of our store we should not leave them alone. That is one of the times that beacons can assist us. Welcome push notifications will be sent and s your potential customer walks by the shelves informative banners that include a price of each item, existing colors, size and all the other kinds of information can be displayed on user’s cell phone.

It should be mentioned that these notifications should not be mass and will not be sent to all users. This is the edge of being useful to the users or being disturbing. How can we solve this problem?

With using short range beacons and some personalizing algorithms in the server side, we can send (indoor) push notifications only to people that are really near a special item and their distance to it is less than 50cm.



  • Sending notifications at the right time

If we send out information to people who do not have any intention to buy things, this is a worthless effort. It is really important to send information to people that at least have the minimum intention to buy. So it is really important to send personalized messages to people in the right place and the right time.


  • Customer profiling, loyal customers

At the end of shopping, with installing one beacon near the cashier, we can say thank you to our customers and join them to our customer club. Meanwhile, we can store and analyze their interests and send them more personalized messages next time they visit us to increase the chance of purchase.

What can exactly do we mean when we are talking about personalized messages?

Imagine a customer has purchased an item from your store a month ago and While purchasing we saved his/her name, and her favorite products (we can have frequency of visiting items with the help of beacons), material color etc. next time she visits our store, our welcome message can include her name and banner of pushed notification can contain an item with her favorite material or color. The least benefit of this action, is increasing our customer loyalty by letting her know that we care about her and her interests and this leads to a good shopping experience that makes them want to visit us more often.




  • Heat map analysis

One of the most important usages of beacons is in extracting heat maps. As we explained earlier, we can have frequency of each item visits. Combining this information with the frequency of people movements in different aisles or parts of every store we can have a complete heat map. Heat maps help us with ordering and organizing items in the shelves that causes extreme amount of sales.


If like our hundreds of customers, you also like to have beacons to help you with your business, these are steps you have to take:

  1. Talk to our customer service, they can guide you to purchase the type of beacons that are more suitable for you.
  2. Order beacons.
  3. Implement our SDK code into your application according to the documentation.
  4. Sign up to Noxel control panel and add your purchased devices.
  5. Now you can easily create a notification for each beacon in your control panel.


If you needed help in any steps of the way, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions.