Indoor Mapping

Nowadays people are constantly in the commute from one place to another place, therefore, they need mapping and navigation. This mapping and navigation not only is necessary for outdoors and in the cities and roads, but also with the construction of complex building it is necessary for indoor places.

But we all know that GPS is not working good in indoor places, so for having indoor mapping and navigation we need something more and that is where BLE beacons enter.

Beacons send Bluetooth signals within specific intervals and smart devices such as computer, tablet, and mobiles can receive those signals then after doing some calculations and implementing some algorithms, your live location will be shown on the map the building.


  • Indoor mapping and navigation has some very good advantages:

First, it helps improving customer experience. For example, when people want to shop from a specific brand, they should not have to look for that for a long time.


Second, improving employee’s efficiency. Imagine a very big warehouse full of cartons, packages, shelves, and corridors. With indoor mapping system employee can find their way to every corridor easily and fast.


  • How beacons help us to navigate

Beacons should be installed in different locations of the building. As long as they are broadcasting signals, applications in the smartphones can interpret those signals and show the live location of the user on the smartphone. The number of beacons that should be installed in every building depends on size, map, and some other parameters.


  •  Why should we use beacons in indoor mapping?
  • high accuracy compared to Wifi and GPS
  • no need to cabling
  • low battery consumption
  • compatible with all the operating systems
  • low cost


  • does beacon have access to personal information of people in their cellphone?

Beacons do not receive any data at all. They are just a broadcasting device. So there is no reason to be worried of beacons having access to cellphone data.

To sum up, there is no need to be worried of getting lost in crowded places or wasting time looking for a store in a mall, beacons can help you find your way wherever you are.


If like our hundreds of customers, you also like to have beacons to help you with your business, these are steps you have to take:

  • Talk to our customer service, they can guide you to purchase the type of beacons that are more suitable for you.
  • Order beacons here.
  • Implement our SDK code into your application according to the documentation.
  • Sign up to Noxel control panel and add your purchased devices.
  • Now you can easily create a notification for each beacon in your control panel.


If you needed help in any steps of the way, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions.