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Like this:


Every time one of your users passes your stores, a very colorful banner will be delivered to his/her cellphone. This banner can include and image, a test, an offer or whatever you find interesting and want to share with your customers.

Indoor mapping

There is no need to be worried of getting lost in huge places like airports, malls, hospitals etc. with Noxel indoor mapping and navigating solution, you can find your optimum way from every starting point to every destination with a tap! You can also see and share your live location in indoor places in the map so your granddad or your child will not lose you in crowded places anymore.

How does our technology works?


Beacons are tiny devices with great potentials. With the help a beacon, you can show information on your user’s cellphone. So Noxel beacons and Bluetooth signal, made it possible for you to show information of every place to your customers.


With putting Noxel io SDK code your application, you will have a full access to beacons. You can scan them, show push notification when entering or exiting their region and change beacon hardware parameters.


In our dashboard, in addition to monitoring and getting report of your beacon activity, you can also add some filters to reach your target audience more precisely.our dashboard is an easy-to-use, comprehensive control panel. Here you can find PAD analytics, upload key information to the mobile app

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